Boston Editor Rates

Boston Editing Rates

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We think everyone should be able to hire an editor, so we do our best to keep our rates simple and affordable: 
$50 per hour for high-level, professional editing, with a $50 minimum service fee for all projects. 

To give you a rough idea of what this means, for editing work where the author’s writing is rough but understandable, our editors will often complete 3-4 pages in an hour. 

For heavier editing work, where re-writing is required, and in some cases where the writer’s first language is not English, we can usually complete about 3 pages per hour.


For longer documents or more extensive projects, the hourly rate does not apply. Instead, we will provide you with a total project rate based on the initial draft you send us.

Important note about File Types:

We are happy to provide expert editing for all documents sent in Microsoft Word format. We are unable to edit documents sent in PDF format, Google Docs, or Open Office (".odt" files). We thank you in advance for your understanding.

We specialize in editing for...

  • Dissertations
  • Master's theses
  • Master's "Capstone" papers
  • Medical journal articles
  • Personal statements / application essays
  • Resumes / CVs
And also have experience in editing for...
  • Memoirs
  • Websites
  • Cookbooks
  • Novels (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Poetry
  • ...and more (you name it, we've edited it)!


We look forward to our customers repeat business and we do not pad our hours.

Editing Hours Packages

If you anticipate having recurring editing needs, you may consider investing in a pre-paid Editing Hours Package. This is the preferred option for many of our business clients who have smaller documents/emails/contracts to be edited on a daily basis and don't want to deal with a separate invoice every time they need something edited. 

With an Hours Package, smaller documents which may not take a whole hour to edit are subtracted from your package time. For example, if a 1-2 page document only takes a half hour to edit, instead of charging the minimum service rate of $50, a half hour ($25) would be subtracted from your package time.


Editing Hours Packages are available from 2 hours up to 10 hours. If you'd like to learn more about Editing Hours Packages, call us at 617-279-0019 or send us an email at


“I have been a client of Editing Boston for over three years, and I would recommend their service to writers of any level who want excellent editing that is both fast and very reasonably priced. The customer service at Editing Boston is fantastic!”


– Anthony Centore Ph.D., Director, Thrive Boston Counseling


 Thank you for your work and your honesty! I value your integrity.
-- President, deLoayza Associates

 Time and Cost Estimates
We do our best to complete the project within the estimated time and budget, and are proud to to be able to stay within the estimate for most projects. 
The nature of editing work is such that we can't always tell how long the editing or formatting will take until we are part of the way into a document or project. In this way, editing is no different than the work of car mechanics or graphic designers -- if we discover that a project is going to take longer than we expected, or if a client sends additional requests, we have to be able to pay our staff for the extra hours. We appreciate, in advance, your awareness and consideration of your editor's time and hard work!
Rush Projects
Documents are usually edited in the order they are received. However, as a convenience to our clients, we offer a "rush" option to clients who need something expedited.
  • $25 rush fee for items up to 10 pages
  • $50 rush fee for items from 10 to 50 pages
  • For items over 50 pages: rush fee to be determined upon request

Additional charges may apply for APA, MLA, and other professional formatting.
The rates published on this page are an educated estimate reflecting the usual cost and timeline for editing services. However, specific project costs can vary depending on the content subject area and the degree of editing needed. Editing Boston will review all projects (free of charge), and provide a customized project cost and time for completion.  
*To ensure a stress-free editing process for you (and us!), please plan ahead...
Timeline estimates are based on an intial skim, and are subject to change over the course of an edit if we encounter unforeseen difficulty. We encourage all of our valued clients to plan ahead and pad your timeline with a little extra time at the end to ensure a comfortable editing process.
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