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Wherever you are in the process, an Editing Boston editor can help.

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Writing your thesis or dissertation is the culmination of all your hard work, and, for many, the essential step toward getting published in your field.

You already have the content - you've been carefully collecting it throughout your degree program. But, to ensure the clear delivery of your ideas and research, the quality of your writing is important too. That's where we come in.

Whether you're at the outlining stage, pumping out chapters, or already at the final proofread, a Boston Editor can be by your side, helping your organize your thoughts, filling in the blanks with great writing, and polishing your manuscript.

Even if you haven't got a word on the page yet, we can help. Writing is a step-by-step building process. Wherever you are in the process, we can help you finish faster and with a better final product!

        • Harvard University Thesis Editor
        • Boston University Thesis Editor
        • Tufts University Thesis Editor
        • Boston College Thesis Editor
        • Cambridge College Thesis Editor
        • Northeastern University Thesis Editor
        • UMass Thesis Editor
        • Lesley University Thesis Editor
If you've already started work on your dissertation, you may already know that dissertation and thesis review committees often request that candidates submit their work to a professional editor prior to their academic review.
No matter what your topic, and no matter what your writing style or writing problems may be, I can assure you that your Boston Editor will not, in any way, ever alter the meaning of your text. We are meticulous about not interfering with your content. 
If we find something in your document that we're not sure about, we will leave it as is, and post a question in the margin giving you options of ways to re-write that section, and let you choose which one is the best for your intended meaning. You are the expert -- and you can see us as your executive assistants: asking thoughtful questions, pointing out potential problems, meanwhile fixing all the little things you don't need to be bothered with! 
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*Elizabeth Donohue (Founder, EditingBoston) has worked in the editing field for over a decade and has helped executives, scholars, and students to realize their academic, publishing, and presentation goals.