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Journal Article Editing

Editing Boston Editors are Volumes Ahead of the Competition

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From the research to the final proofread, Editing Boston Editors are here to get your article off to the presses. 


You need someone local who can:  

        • Talk things out over the phone or meet in person if necessary  
        • Who understands the needs and expectations of the Academic, Medical, or Business Bostonian
        • A pair of honest, eagle eyes to keep you on topic and to check your logic, grammar, spelling, and punctuation!


The journal you are submitting to will have editors, but their job is to --


1. Choose the best articles to publish in the journal, and

2. Cut, cut, cut!


Journal editors employed by your journal of choice are trained to find the most eye-catching bits of your piece and throw out the rest -- Remember, the journal staff isn't working for you, they're working for impact and a page limit and don't care what they have to cut to make those elements work.  


Journal editors will reject or cut your work if:

      • It is too long / lacks conciseness
      • Your research doesn’t back up your thesis
      • Your discussion is poorly organized or strays off-topic
      • It is boring / lacks relevance  

Working with a Boston Editor before submitting your article can reduce the chances of your work being cut to pieces, re-written, or out-right rejected by the editors who work for the journal. 


Get an editor of your own -- who has your best interests in mind -- to:

      • Highlight the strongest parts
      • Notice breaches in logic, and incomplete or unclear thoughts
      • Suggest cuts
      • Edit and proofread 


Call (617) 279-0019 or email editingboston@gmail.com